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Neuer Capital Scam Check – A Complete Analysis Of The Trading Platform

Neuer Capital Scam Check

Neuer Capital Scam CheckTrading is one of the most commonly used terms these days. For anyone sitting at home, trading has become as simple and easy as just browsing their favorite web series. Moreover, the fast pacing internet and technological advancements have made it quite easier for the people with the internet to start trading up with stocks and exchanges simply and systematically.

Online trading is a process of buying and selling financial goods online with the help of some popular platforms on the internet and also some brokers. It includes stocks for exchange and investors. It enables the users to buy the stocks at lesser prices and sell them at higher prices after a certain period, which ultimately is a profit for the user. This way, the users or investors make money out of trading. All that they need to do is to buy stocks online just like online shopping these days, wait for the right time (when the prices rise) and then sell the stocks to earn the profit. With three simple steps, online trading is successfully done.

Advantages of online trading

  • Trading platforms provide all the support and assistance required
  • You can trade not only currency but also a commodity.
  • It is quicker and less time consuming
  • You have the complete control of the process
  • It is less expensive. You can buy the stocks according to your budgetary plans
  • There are lesser chances of frauds and errors
  • You can optimize and monitor the investments and their reports of all time.

With all these advantages, however, one needs to check on the safety and security measures because of the existence of fraud sites on the internet and these markets sectors. One of the important things is to choose a reliable and prominent trading platform that would have lower risks and ensure secured profits.

Talking of trading platforms, Neuer Capital is the name that first strikes into the mind. Neuer Capital is one of the most popular online trading platforms that deal with assets like cryptocurrency and bitcoins. Only because this platform is comparatively new, the users are quite skeptical about this new trading platform. However, the Neuer Capital review in this content will assure you that there is a minimum to worry about.

Neuer Capital

The Neuer Capital was started in 2019. Its advantages are:

  • It is user-friendly
  • It is well-designed
  • It is easy to navigate
  • It has a custom web-trader
  • It has the proper education and assisting material for learners and beginners

These pros let a user feel secured and an important member of the team once he has signed up. Signing up here is easy. All it requires is some basic personal information and identity proofs. And then, you’re done.

Features of the Neuer Capital website

The features quoted below come under the review section of  the website. These important features are reviewed honestly and critically, examining the way they work and benefit the users.

1) Guides

There are enough articles, e-books, and tutorials to be accessed for free by the users of the basic knowledge regarding the methods, uses, benefits, risks, and outputs of trading. These materials act as one of the constant things of assistance to the new users or beginners or learners of trading.

2) Trading Conditions

After you’ve come across the educational guides and articles, you’re ready to deal with the actual trading on the platform. Now, you’ll probably be having some 30-40 cryptocurrency to trade with. These cryptocurrencies can be in various forms, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, etc. Then, you’ll have access to the list that shows the cryptocurrency pairs with leverage of 1:2, 1:5, or even 1:20. Now, you need to look, think, and decide as to which one fits you the most to trade with.

Let’s go into each of them one by one–

  • Bitcoin – This digital currency is not controllable by an individual, but by the whole world. It is regarded as the first peer to peer payment network that is not centralized.
  • Litecoin – This is a type of bitcoin. You may call it the next version of bitcoin. So, it is easier for transaction purposes and is quite more affordable for traders.
  • Ethereum – The currency of the Ethereum network is called ether, and this currency specifies that it is used for trading cryptocurrency as well as to run certain applications.
  • Bitcoin Cash – This was developed certainly to deal with the large number of transactions with Visa and PayPal. Bitcoin cash is different from bitcoin because it helps to process transactions at a higher speed.
  • Ripple – This is a dual-mode currency. It means, this is both a cryptocurrency as well as a digital currency for online transactions. They are faster than bitcoin usage, and they use less energy.

Now, you will have to open a trading account with Neuer Capital, which is completely free. This allows you to access a commission-free leverage trading. Once you’ve set up your account, you can start trading by making a deposit. There’s a certain amount at minimum to be deposited, which is again based on the currency you’ve chosen to carry on trade with.

3) What are the various types of accounts on Neuer Capital?

There is no one type of account on Neuer Capital. Rather, there are many types of accounts on the same platform. This varsity totally depends on your budget because each account type has a different minimum amount to be deposited to access the account. The basic account also provides very good features for the user. And the other accounts with more deposited funds provide some other excellent features to enhance the process of trading with cryptocurrencies. These features include–

  • Price alerts
  • Account manager
  • Personalized trading strategy

4) Customer support

There is customer support present all the time for any plan you choose to take up and start with. This customer support, live, quick, and responsive chat box answers to your query as soon as you feed your questions. This section doesn’t have a bot that answers your queries, but a real representative for customers who understands your queries and assists accordingly. Thus, it makes up an advantage of the platform.

5) How safe is Neuer Capital?

Neuer Capital, being a trading platform, needs to be highly secure and safe, we understand. And thus, to keep up with your expectations, Neuer Capital has evolved as a highly secured medium to carry out the process of trading. Neuer Capital has everything into safer hands starting right away from your internet connection to the website. Any sensitive or personal information that you share with the website is totally secured from the malicious or vulnerable frauds or agencies trying to read the data.

This platform makes sure that the information related to your account is safe. You can ensure this when the website asks every user to verify his or her identity through the recent utility bill.

The privacy policies of this platform are strong enough to be pricked by the cyber criminals. A lot of encryption works has been carried out to ensure the protection of the trading platform as well as the user information.

6) Is it a scam?

If Neuer Capital would be a scam, they would definitely not invest such a large amount of money for trading, security, and strategic purposes. Would they? Moreover, they have provided an email as well as a phone number in their contact info. This makes sure that you aren’t dealing with any kind of scammers. I hope it answers the question well.

7) Depositing at Neuer Capital

To earn something, you have to spend something. This is the universal idea of business and income. Similarly, to earn profits at Neuer Capital, you will have to invest something or, in other words, deposit something. And to make a deposit, there are many options.

You can credit your account through various mediums like–

  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Solo
  • E-wallets like Skill
  • Wire transfer from bank to crypto-account

All these transaction measures are safe and secured. However, the last option may bear some fees.

8) Withdrawals with Neuer Capital

The best part of trading is the excitement to withdraw the money earned. This withdrawal part can’t be skipped. And this needs some detailed explanation as well. Once you’ve earned your profits, it is time to withdraw the amount. Once again, using any kind of method that you’re convenient with. You could use credit or debit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfer. The bank transfer, however, will charge you some dollars.

Now comes the best part of Neuer Capital. You must have come across many trading sites that offer a minimum and a maximum withdrawal amount. But the case is not the same with this platform. Neuer Capital allows you to withdraw any amount you wish at any point in time. All that you need to do is–

  • Submit a withdrawal request
  • Wait for three business days for the processing
  • Find the amount on your preferred wallet/bank.

Thus, withdrawals and deposits, both are faster methods at Neuer Capital.

9) FAQ Section

The FAQ section of the website is so focussed and so detailed, that hardly would you need to contact the customer support. The FAQ section assists the user well enough to find any troubles or queries regarding anything on the website or trading procedures. You will find answers to all the common and uncommon questions regarding the approach and procedures.

10) Bonus Policy

The very word ‘Bonus’ sounds interesting as well as exciting for any user. And at the Neuer Capital platform, they provide some specific bonuses to the traders or investors. These bonuses are provided to the traders based on the amount of trading they handle in order to maintain the volume needed. The trading volume should not fall behind the supposed limit. As long as the traders maintain this volume, they are able to withdraw the bonus amount whenever they need to trade. The bonus policy of Neuer Capital is user-friendly and is a well set up plan for the benefits of the users or traders of the platform.

As they satisfy the needs of the platform, the platform works for the satisfaction goals of the customers or traders. This policy is completely risk-free with Neuer Capital and ranges between 10 to 50 percent of the initial deposit charges you’ve made in your account. The kinds of bonuses in the Neuer Capital site are-

  • Cash Bonus–

Cash Bonus is the immediate kind of bonuses provided by Neuer Capital to its users so that they can use it in trading instantly.

  • Traditional Insurance bonus–

Traditional Insurance bonus takes care of the merchants and ensures that they are protected from any kind of loss. This also allows the traders to withdraw the bonus once their trading volume is 15 times their initial deposit.

11) Terms and conditions on bonus

  • They don’t return the bonus once it goes to the trading account
  • If the turnover limits are not met by the traders, their bonus will be canceled.

Thus, you can make the best use of the bonuses once you’re well aware of the terms, conditions, and policies attached to the bonus.

12) Customer Policy

The customer policy is specially designed and followed to keep a check on the security of the customers and to prevent identity theft, money laundering, or fraud. Thus, the website asks you for your identifying information when you make a deposit. The information consists of–

  • Current utility bill
  • Passport copy
  • Credit cards copies that you use
  • Online transaction history

They ensure that all this information is kept private and can’t be leaked in any terms. This policy is solely to maintain the privacy of the customers and leave room for no risks of the customers or traders.

13) Market Signals

A good trading platform provides market signals and assistance about the market policies and conditions. Likewise, Neuer Capital lets you know the market situation with clarity. Once you have the knowledge of market conditions, you will definitely plan accordingly to gain higher profits by trading to the utmost efficient levels. It is a common prospect that the traders who have a complete idea of the recent market trends and scenario, perform better on services and trade and gain uncommon profits by following the market signals.

14) Training Programs

Neuer Capital provides many videos for the proper training of the users. Through these videos, you can understand how the training is important in the trading industry and, moreover, how the entire trading setup works. Knowledge is the base of anything and everything. And trading can’t be successful if you have zero knowledge of it. No matter you’re a beginner or a professional at trading, there is always something that you need to learn about the work. These video pieces of training make you better in the field in just a small period without any fees or payment.

With the help of these video pieces of training, you can–

  • Enhance your trading skills
  • Learn the market scenario
  • Develop trading strategies
  • Know about the risks and facts
  • Start investing and trading in no time

15) Analytical access

Analytics materials are present in almost every website related to trade and business. However, not all websites allow users to access these materials. These include the professional chart analysis, knowledge on traders, risk strategies, date assets charts, videos, market insights, and many more that will help the user to gain higher profits by carrying on trade pretty well.

16) Daily News

One of the most common yet important factors to gain popularity and success is to follow other top-rated personalities in your field. This platform provides the scope to the users to view daily news from the android and the computer, where you can follow up on the activities of the top-rated traders and follow their steps. This is a very good opportunity provided by Neuer Capital, which may not sound extraordinary, but it is definitely important for the growth of a new trader. This will help you immensely to understand the market scenarios, financial strategies, common and uncommon steps at risks, and find better ways to deal with the process of trading and earning profits.

Another benefit of the news is that it lets you act in real-time. Real-time means that in times of rapid industrial growth or some crisis, as soon as the news splashes, you need to take up immediate steps in real-time to either raise your profits or save yourself from losses. So indirectly, these things are done by the Neuer Capital platform itself. As soon as you hear something related to your stocks, you can make changes, transactions, etc. that affects the market.

Scam claims

It is a matter of disgust that there are some of the detractors. By detractors, I mean to point those people who have lodged complaints and have written negative reviews about the website. They have stated Neuer Capital to be a scam trading website.

Some of the scam claims say that the company is not registered, which is absolutely a false allegation. Neuer Capital is obviously a registered company in the Dominican Republic.

Only because cryptocurrency trading is new in the market, so many people are highly skeptical of the website. The group of unscrupulous people trying the tricks is always determined to prove the websites scammed.

Moreover, the anonymity of the website makes some people suspicious. Still, going deeper into the fact, it is a wise step as it is only to protect the identity and personal information of the users. In this way, it becomes very difficult for anyone to hack and retrieve the financial or personal information of the users.

Therefore, Neuer Capital is a legitimate platform, and supposing it to be a scam is not the right way to interpret the efforts and the hard work put into building it.

Miscellaneous features of Neuer Capital

Neuer Capital has some of the features included like–

  • Market reviews
  • Pro webinars
  • PIA trading signals
  • Personalized trading strategy
  • Price alerts
  • This platform, however, is international and does not operate in certain countries like India.
  • Neuer Capital follows the rules very strictly and wants its users to do the same.
  • The users won’t have to worry about blocked accounts or trapped funds while operating Neuer Capital.
  • Mostly, the windows open in a single click, and the traders find it quite faster in response than the other trading sites.
  • Sometimes, due to the personal mistakes of the traders, they fall into losses. But there’s nothing to do with the platform because the platform acts equally with all the traders – big or small. We must go with the fact that not all people can trade properly.


Neuer Capital is an amazing cryptocurrency trading platform that functions for optimized trading in the most systematic way. Just like the clean design and appearance of the site looks, so is the response rate and customer support of the website.

Almost all the important features and notions are carefully carried out with secured connections, leaving no room for complaints, or being harassed in terms of finance. Users choose their own plans, decide individually, and carry out trade according to their time and interests.

However, the competitors or some other agencies have tried to prove the platform as a scam and have reported complaints against it. It takes a lot of time and effort to build something, but destructive power takes less time to put something down.

Thus, before considering any of those reports or complaints of truthful incidents, it is a wise notion to check out the accuracy and the authenticity all by yourself through proper research.

Apart from all these things, Neuer Capital has created constructive vibes all over the internet and has emerged as one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms online in today’s generation. Not only that, but also Neuer Capital has successfully come up with strategies for the more sophisticated trends out in the market and have seen high profits as well.